The Pink Moon
September 2023

How 11x helped The Pink Moon increase revenue by 74% & Return on Ad Spends by 36%

The Pink Moon partnered with 11x Marketing for digital advertising across Facebook, Instagram and Google.


Digital Advertising


Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads

Result 1

Increase in Revenue through ads

Result 2

Increase in Return on Ad Spends

Project Overview

The Pink Moon is a pioneering plus-size fashion brand that acts as a beacon of diversity and empowerment in an industry often criticised for narrow beauty standards. As a brand founded by women, for women, The Pink Moon redefines fashion by promoting inclusivity, and encouraging Indian women to embrace curves and promote self-love. The brand's emphasis on high-quality materials and in-house manufacturing underlines their commitment to lasting comfort and durability.

The Pink Moon approached 11x Marketing to address the following:

  • Scale performance marketing while maintaining a consistently high ROAS
  • Persuade the niche audience to embrace their clothing choices with confidence.


11x Marketing initiated a strategic shift with The Pink Moon ads accounts by deploying a multifaceted approach to provide effective solution:

  • Leveraging Catalog Ads effectively
  • Moving to campaigns optimizing revenue, from campaigns optimizing purchases, resulting in higher average order value.
  • Restructured Google Ads campaigns
  • Data - Driven optimizations
  • Custom Audience Targeting


With the partnership between 11x Marketing and Pink Moon, the company witnessed a substantial growth within the first month. The total revenue driven increased by 74% while return on ad spends increased by over 36%.

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