Ivy Homes
July 2023

How 11x helped Ivy Homes increase Qualified Leads by 146%, and scale Property Visits to 6.1X

Ivy Homes partnered with 11x Marketing for digital advertising across Facebook, Instagram and Google.


Digital Advertising


Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads

Result 1

Increase in Qualified Leads

Result 2

Lesser Cost

Project Overview

Bengaluru-based Ivy Homes is a new-age proptech startup that uses artificial intelligence to ascertain a house’s fair value and buy it from sellers, finalising deals in two weeks.

Being a category creator, Ivy Homes had unique opportunities and challenges when it came to scaling qualified leads through direct channels. Also, being in the real estate industry with the objective to sell and buy houses, Ivy Homes had to be focused on only acquiring high-quality leads, i.e. people looking to buy or sell houses soon.

Ivy Homes was looking for a digital advertising partner which could help them test a plethora of campaigns and ideas rapidly, so as to arrive at campaigns that could be scaled sustainably. That's when Ivy Homes chose to partner with 11x Marketing.


11x Marketing came onboard and deployed multiple highly targeted ad campaigns across, social, search and display network. 11x also worked closely with Ivy Homes's internal team to collaboratively create reporting frameworks. With real-time data collection and utilization, the team was able to test a considerable number of campaigns across Google Ads and Facebook ads, week on week. Soon, the team was able to arrive at campaigns that helped increase the volume of qualified leads, while reducing the overall acquisition costs.

How did we do it?

  • Advanced, persona-focused targeting
  • Real time, data-based optimizations
  • Ad communication strategy that laid down benefits of Ivy Homes over conventional options
  • Crisp, to-the-point creatives
  • Keyword-research-based segmented search ads


With the Digital Advertising engagement between the two companies, digital ad campaigns for Ivy Homes started generating 142% more Qualified Leads, and at a 36% lesser cost.

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